DFRobot GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 для Arduino

DFRobot GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 для Arduino
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  • Power supply: 6-12v Low power consumption (100mA@7v - GSM mode) Quad-Band 850/900/18001900MHz GPRS multi-slot class 10 GPRS mobile station class B Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+ Class 4 (2 W @ 850/900 MHz) Class 1 (1 W @ 1800/1900MHz) Control via AT commands(GSM07.07 ,07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands) Support GPS technology for satellite navigation Embeded high-gain SMD antennas for GPS & GSM Directly support 4*4 button pad USB/Arduino control switch Programmable switch for Arduino LED indicators for power supply, network states and working status Board Surface:Immersion Gold Switches: S1 -- Programming mode / Communication mode S2 -- Controlling interface: USB / Arduino Interfaces: Embedded SIM card holder Speaker & Mic Jack socket Size: 81x70mm Specifications for SMS via GSM / GPRS Point-to-point MO and MT SMS cell broadcast Text and PDU mode Specification for GPS Receiver 42 channels, GPS L1 C/A code, High-performance STE engine Sensitivity: Tracking: -160 dBm Cold starts: -143 dBm Time-To-First-Fix: Cold starts: 30s (typ.) Hot starts: 1s (typ.) Accuracy:Horizontal position: <2.5m CEP Power consumption (GSM engine in idle mode):Acquisition 77mA,Tracking 76mA
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